Succession Planning is the process of identifying people in your organization who can take on key roles in the company. TrackStar facilitates this by allowing you to define your positions (aka roles, jobs, requisitions), and to associate skills needed for each. For example, you might define a role of “General Manager”, and then identify skills such as “Negotiating”, Managing”, and “Accounting” as required for the role.

TrackStar uses a self assessment system whereby employees rate themselves against a predefined list of skills. Once the database is created, it is easy to use the system to identify employees or candidates who possess the skills needed for a job. You can use the system to see how many people qualify for jobs, to see those that meet the criteria, and to view employees who may someday qualify.

There are numerous reports in TrackStar, many of which may be useful for succession planning and talent management.

Job Criteria Summary Report The Job Criteria Summary report searches through the jobs database and calculates how many employees are qualified for each, based on the minimum criteria defined.

As we see at right, there are 4 people who are qualified for the job of “Department Manager” in our database. The Required column shows how many Department Managers we need, drawn from the Job Requirements tool. The Requirements column shows the minimum skill requirements, as defined in Job Maintenance.

With this information, we could quickly identify jobs where qualified people are not available.


The report also brings focus to skill deficiencies. For example, in the report above, we see that companywide we need 2 Database Administrators, and we have no people that meet the criteria.

Job Criteria Detail Report The Job Criteria Detail report complements the previous report, showing the employees who qualify for each job. You can filter by job if you would like to focus on an individual position. So, for example, if you had an opening for “Department Manager”, you could use this report to find people that are qualified.

Notice that the report includes the current job(s) that each employee is assigned to.

If by viewing these reports you determined that you needed additional people for a job, you could use TrackStar to identify people who most closely meet the requirements.

Job Criteria Analysis Report

The Job Criteria Analysis report might be used to look over your population to find people to promote, or to develop for a given position. For example, if I needed to promote someone to “Department Manager”, I could look over this list and see that “Ming Toy” is the most qualified. The report shows that for this job, 5 skills are required, and Ming has 4 of them at the required level.

You can also use the TrackStar reports to assist in employee development. For example, if you were interested in moving an employee in your organization, you might scan available jobs to determine which roles an individual is qualified for.

Employee Job Analysis Report The Employee Job Analysis report is run for a single employee. It shows you the employee qualifications for each job in the system. Here we see that Hector is fully qualified for several jobs, and partly qualified for many others. This report might be used by managers to plan employee development.

The TrackStar skills system provides excellent capabilities to help manage and develop your talent pool. The reports assist managers in capacity planning, succession planning, and employee development.

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